DMP Guru is a simple, yet powerful, music metadata management solution.

It hosts instances of Django Music Publisher (DMP), the only open source software with metadata management for music publishers .

About Django Music Publisher

Django Music Publisher is open source software for original music publishers.

It is a solution for managing music metadata, including data on musical works, writers, recordings, recording and performing artists, albums, tracks and music libraries. It uses Common Works Registration (CWR) protocol for batch registrations of musical works worldwide. It also features basic royalty distribution processing.

The interface is simple and responsive, optimized for computers and mobile devices. All data is strictly validated against rules used in collecting societies worldwide.

Django Music Publisher is released under MIT licence, which permits anyone to use and modify it free of charge.

However, is is a clound-based solution, installing and maintaining it is not trivial. One needs to get a VPS, a domain, a SSL cerficate, install Django Music Publisher, configure everything, set up regular backups and periodically upgrade things.

This is where our service comes in. We make it really really simple.

About DMP Guru

DMP Guru is a specialised service providing hosting and system administration for Django Music Publisher instances. This includes installation and regular upgrades, a subdomain with SSL certificate and regular database backups.

Collecting societies worldwide have slightly different requirements. DMP nterface and validation procedures change to conform with your collecting society (or societies), and remain as simple as possible.

The first 30 days are free, and we don't ask for any payment-related information in this period. We advise you to use this period to test this software and metadata delivery to your society. There is no lock-in. Database backup can be downloaded at any moment. You can install DMP elsewhere, restore the database and continue using it.

If you want to know more, please use the offcial Django Music Publisher documentation. It includes detailed explanations, installation instructions, user manual, and a series of videos.